Who Uses Fresh Gear?
*   U.S. and Canadian Military
*   Dozens of Law Enforcement Agencies in North America
*   Dozens of Fire Departments across North America
*   National Hockey League
*   Ontario Hockey League
*   NCAA
*   Fresh Gear is the Official Supplier to Hockey Canada
To Get Rid Of The Stink,
First, You Must Kill The Bacteria!
Fact #1 "The Stink" is caused by infectious bacteria!
Protective sports equipment is the ideal breeding ground for bacteria.
"The Stink" is the result of a mixture of sweat, mucus, blood, dirt, and other
substances, which create the prefect environment for bacteria, mold, and fungus to thrive in. You are at risk of contracting "Staph" or "Strep" infections from bacteria in your gear through open cuts, sores or wounds.
Fact #2 Washing gear weakens it's protective value!
Washing with detergents breaks down the protective foam
and makes the gear less effective in protecting you!
Your Solution: The Fresh Gear Ozone Process
Fresh Gear blasts Ozone deep into your gear killing up to 99.9% of bacteria
We use no water, no detergents or chemicals and no heat!

100% green process using Ozone!

50% more effective than bleach!

Fresh Gear Results:
The stink is gone!

The infectious bacteria is gone!

Equipment life is prolonged!
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We Service All Protective Sports Gear, Police, Fire and the Military!
Band Uniforms, Character Costumes, Camping Gear, Racing Gear,
Almost anything!
Read more about preventing MRSA & Staph on our "How It Works" page.
What can be done?
The National Athletic Trainers Association, strongly recommends that athletes clean and disinfect protective equipment on a regular basis.
Serving All Of Southern California
Effective June 21st, 2021,
Peacock Fresh Gear will suspend operations indefinitely until further notice.
Our President Cynthia Peacock passed away in late 2020 and we are moving this month to another location. That location will not permit us to continue operations for the time being. We hope to find a path to once again serve our customers in the future.
We'll leave this website up in the mean time. Thank you to all our customers. -Doug Peacock