Why Do Service Men & Woman Need Fresh Gear?
What is Fresh Gear?
*   A chemical-free rapid sanitizing system for personal protective gear: helmets, body armor, boots, gloves, etc.

*   Fresh Gear process directs high levels of ozone into the areas that make contact with skin, thoroughly sanitizing gear.

*   Kills up to 99.99% of bacteria in the gear.

*   Traditional washing machines remove stains and dirt but are weak at decontamination. They require lots of water, electricity, chemicals and detergents which all add to lots of wear and tear on the protective gear. Extensive drying time is also required.

*   Fresh Gear decontaminates the gear from blood borne pathogens, bacteria and many known carcinogens. It will dry, disinfect and deodorize, in as little as 10 minutes. No toxins flushed down the drain.

*   Using Fresh Gear regularly helps: (1) eliminate odor-causing bacteria (2) reduce the risk of infection and (3) prolong the life of your protective gear.

*   Protective gear is always dry and ready for use. No gear swapping required amongst personnel.

*   Requires only a few cents of electricity to operate. There are no consumables, no tanks to fill, no drains or vents.

*   Fresh Gear is the only system that dries your sweat soaked gear while disinfecting and deodorizing.

Why Choose Fresh Gear?
*   Reduce the direct cost of laundering PPE (personal protective equipment), body armor, helmets, boots gloves. Operating cost is a few cents of electricity.

*    Re-use more items by sanitizing instead of discarding expensive equipment.

*    Reduce the risk of personnel acquiring infection introduced via blood borne pathogens such as Staph (MRSA), Hepatitis, HIV, etc. These risks are much greater in close quarters like army bases, correctional facilities, locker rooms, police and fire stations.

*    Ensure personnel wear properly sanitized clothing and not bring home contaminated items to be washed, thereby spreading deadly bacteria to their families.

*    Reduce risk of cross contamination in the line of duty. Sanitize protective gear or clothing within 10 minutes and return to duty with dry sanitized apparel.

Who is Fresh Gear?
*    In business manufacturing and selling chemical-free sanitizing machines for commercial cleaners since 2005.

*    Customers include US and Canadian Military, NHL and NCAA teams, Official Supplier to Hockey Canada (National Teams), police, fire fighters and EMS.

*    Over 150 units across North America.

*    Frontline Tactical Gear is one of our US Partners. A Small, Disabled Veteran Owned Business with experience in GSA, Government Bidding and Procurement.

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